Freight transport services

Oversized heavy load freights

The Nordline Logistics company carries out international and domestic shipment of oversized and heavy load freights by all means of transport. Oversized freights are nondivisible freights, exceeding 2.55 meters in width, 20 meters in length and 4.0 meters in height (taking the trailer height into account). At the same time the total weight of freight with road-train shouldn't exceed 40 tons. The service provider should be highly experienced to be able to transport the oversized freights and have a good knowledge of particular features of this market. When a freight transport plan is developed, the Nordline Logistics employees take all the factors, that can directly or implicitly prevent the timely and proficient delivery of freight, into account, such as: road traffic, speed limits, population density of inhabited areas on the route, transport time.

Besides, our company helps to obtain permissions from competent government bodies, and escorts goods in transit by cars, equipped with flashing beacons, and by State Road Safety Inspectorate cars as well, ensuring the safety of transportation therethrough. Our professionals are highly experienced at working at the oversized freight transport market, so we can choose the most appropriate instruments to meet the challenges set by Clients, providing top quality services at the same time.

Partnership relations with a large number of trustworthy insurance companies allow us to insure oversized freights with no middlemen involved and at the most favorable prices, transporting them in safe and guaranteed keeping.

Container shipping

Currently container shipping is the most all purpose and money saving kind of freight transport, used both for domestic and international shipment. Transport of freights in containers has a number of advantages, such as making all the loading and unloading operations at one sitting without having to go through any other procedures. It allows not only to save on transport costs, but to use different kinds of transport as well: truck, rail, sea, and air. As container shipping is a multi purpose way of transport, almost all kinds of freights can be shipped in containers, including oversized, heavy load, dangerous, short life cargos, etc.

The Nordline Logistics company specializes in shipping of freights in containers to Russia from European, North American and Southeast Asian countries through the harbors of Saint-Petersburg, Vladivostok, Kotka (Finland), Hamina (Finland), Riga (Latvia). Trustworthy partnership relations with a majority of container shipping companies allow our company to offer high quality and efficient services to its Clients at competitive prices.

Among the international freight transport services Nordline logistics offers door-to-door freight delivery service, including sea transport, customs clearance, delivery to destination warehouse by rail or truck. Office in Saint-Petersburg and reliable partnership network in Moscow and Vladivostok make it possible to control efficiency of freight transport and the quality of services in key logistic points of Russia.

Transport of Consolidated Freights

Transport of consolidated freights is transport of small shipments of freights from several customers consolidated on one means of transport. Such way of transport reduces the shipment costs significantly for each particular client. The Nordline Logistics company transports freights by sea, truck, rail, and air, depending on freight location and preferences of our Clients. Company's representative offices and our trusted partners render services in a great number of countries, thus we can efficiently provide transport services without regard to conditions the delivered freights are to be kept in.

Nordline Logistics carries out shipment of consolidated freights, weighing up to 1kg, both directly to Russian cities, and to transit warehouses in Germany, Latvia, Italy and Finland. Among other things we offer urgent consolidated freight shipment services from European, North American and Southeast Asian countries by direct and charter flights.

The most popular kind of consolidated freight transport is transporting by truck, which is explained by its manoeuvrability, making it possible to carry out international transport of freights from warehouse to warehouse.