Nordline Logistics policy is based on core values of transporting and logistics business being reliability, efficiency, and quality

Our company is a reliable and experienced player of logistic market. It offers its Clients a wide range of facilities and services, connected with arrangement and forwarding of economic foreign and domestic contracts. High level of professionalism of our employees and smoothly running work management system allows to provide top quality of services continuously, as well as safety and ability to deliver any freight on time.

Areas of Our Main Clients Businesses

  • Oil and gas

  • Heavy engineering industry

  • Electrical energy industry

  • Forestry and woodworking

  • Communications

  • Wholesale and retail trade

  • Metallurgy

  • Chemical industry

You can calculate the cost of freight shipment and customs clearance online for free.

Oversize heavy load freights

Transport of oversize freights is one of the main focus areas of our company. When developing a freight transport plan we take all the factors, that can affect the delivery efficiency and quality into account: car traffic on the route, speed limits, population density of inhabited areas on the route, transporting time

Container Shipping

Freight transporting in containers is the most all-round and cost effective way of freight transport. It has a number of advantages such as making all the loading and unloading operations at one sitting without having to go through any other procedures. It allows not only to save on transport costs, but to use different types of transport as well

Transport of Consolidated Freights

Consolidated freights are small shipments of freights from several clients consolidated on one means of transport. Such way of transport reduces the expenses of each particular Client significantly. Nordline Logistics transports consolidated freights by truck, sea, rail, and air.